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The advantages and disadvantages of splitting

Many women practice splitting at home, because splitting can exercise our flexibility and improve leg swelling. So, specifically, what are the benefits of splitting?

The benefits of splitting

1. Improve flexibility

The body has good flexibility, no matter what action you do, you can better meet the movement requirements, and through splitting, you can enhance the stretching ability of ligaments and muscles, increase the range of motion of joints, and enhance the flexibility of the body.

2. Skin tension

Through the split movement can let the blood from the lower body away from the heart slowly flow into the heart, has the effect of eliminating congestion. And accelerate the blood circulation, if the blood in the body can be very good circulation, the skin will be full of tension. Therefore, people who can split not only have soft bodies, but also have tension in their skin and face.

3. Improve leg edema

Because of congestion in the blood of the legs, it is easy to have swelling, and splitting can promote the blood circulation of the legs and improve the swelling of the legs.

4. Exercise balance

When splitting, a strong sense of balance is needed to maintain the splitting posture. If you practice splitting often, you can exercise your sense of balance.

5. Not easy to fatigue

In general, if there is congestion in the blood, lactic acid will accumulate, and it will become very easy to fatigue. Lactic acid is related to the flow of blood. Cleavage can promote blood flow, which can relieve fatigue.

The disadvantages of splitting

1. Easy to strain ligament

Split action is not right, it is easy to pull the ligament of the hip. Moreover, if there is no split before, it is easy to cause thigh ligament strain by forced splitting.

2. Damage to joint stability

Frequent splitting of the muscle and ligament may damage the stability of the hip joint and knee joint. Moreover, it is easy to loose the pelvic structure due to the destructive stress on the pelvis, resulting in the imbalance of stress conduction of the whole body bone. The spine will be affected, followed by scoliosis, lumbar and cervical problems, leading to skeletal, muscle, nerve, endocrine and other systems of chain injury. In addition to skeletal muscle pain, menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders, etc. will also come to you.

3. Causes the pelvic floor muscle group relaxation

Frequent cleavage may cause relaxation of pelvic floor muscles, resulting in urinary incontinence, vaginal muscle relaxation and other consequences.

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