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Is hula hoop harmful to the uterus? Four improper hula hoops or damage to the uterus

There seems to be a layer of doubt or worry about women's hula hoop on the Internet, saying that women's hula hoop will cause uterine displacement or sagging. So, is this true? Is hula hoop really harmful to the uterus? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian today.

Does hula hoop hurt the uterus

Answer: turn too long or the way is improper wait for or have damage to uterus.

Four factors causing damage of hula hoop to uterus

1. Physical fitness itself is poor

Generally speaking, the organs in the abdominal cavity of the human body have their own positions, and the general movement rarely causes organ dislocation. However, there are some people with poor physical quality, the position of abdominal organs is very easy to change, such as gastroptosis, ectopic uterus and ovary.

The right way: therefore, some physical fitness is not very good, prone to gastroptosis or uterine displacement of people are not suitable to use hula hoop to keep fit or lose weight.

2. Hula hoop time is too long

Some people play hula hoop for a long time without the guidance of a coach, resulting in local displacement of ovary, pain of suspended ligament of ovary, and gastric lesions. The right way: therefore, hula hoop can not be careless, it is best to consult relevant professionals (such as fitness coaches) and exercise according to their guidance. The intensity of exercise should not be too large, and the time should not be too long. It is better not to exceed an hour and a half at a time. Generally, it will not affect the internal organs of the body, so don't worry too much.

3. Too much movement turning

The location of the pancreas is located in the depth of the abdominal cavity, which is not easy to change, but it may cause injury due to a large range of turning movement. A wide range of body twisting, bending around to move heavy objects, may cause pancreatic damage.

Correct method: therefore, in doing hula hoop or other waist and abdomen sports, it is best not to carry out too intense or wide range of turning movement, so as to avoid injury.

4. Hula hoop material is not right or too heavy

Hula hoop material is too bulky, too large impact on organs during rotation may also cause displacement or injury.

The right way: so, hula hoop should be light and light with cane wrapped outside, not made of metal. At the same time, the weight of hula hoop should be appropriate, about the degree that the index finger and middle finger can bear.

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