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How long does pregnancy have fetal heart rate embryo bud? What is the reason that does not have fetal heart embryo bud

How long does pregnancy have fetal heart and embryo bud, what is the reason for not having fetal heart and embryo bud? Look at it quickly for expectant mothers.

How long does pregnancy have fetal heart and embryo bud

Fetal heart rate and embryo bud are two very important indicators in early pregnancy examination. Pregnant mothers are often very excited when they hear the "plopping" sound of fetal heart for the first time.

What is embryo bud? During the development of the fertilized egg, the first two weeks are called the pregnant egg. After that, the organs gradually form, go through the gestational sac, embryo bud, fetal heart, and finally form the fetus.

After the combination of sperm and egg to form a fertilized egg, the implanted fertilized egg slowly splits into a multicellular gestational sac. After more than 30 days of pregnancy, the primordial cells differentiate and gradually form embryo bud, which further develops into fetal heart. This is the process of fetal formation.

Because the development of the embryo, the embryo sac is formed in 30-40 days, the embryo bud is formed in 40-50 days, and the fetal heart rate is formed in 50-60 days. Therefore, the general B-ultrasound should be done in about 60 days. At this time, we can see whether the fetal sac, embryo bud and fetal heart rate are normal.

Some pregnant mothers of the first child are still confused and nervous. If there happens to be a similar pregnant mother who has checked out the fetal heart and embryo bud in more than 40 days, but she has not, the mood will drop to the bottom.

What we have to say here is that everyone's condition is different. If there is no discomfort or bleeding in the stomach after confirmation of pregnancy in the hospital, we still need to have the fetal heart rate check later. If you can check out early, it's OK, but if you check too early, you can't really affect your mood.

Some people ovulate late, so calculate by the end of menstruation, the actual fetus does not have so many days, so 60 to 70 days to check fetal heart rate is not too late.

In addition, pregnant women should maintain a good attitude. I believe our baby will be healthy.

The reason why there is no fetal heart and embryo bud

Embryonic factors

1. Abnormal embryonic development is the most common cause of early abortion, and chromosomal abnormalities account for about 50-60% of abortion.

2. Placental abnormalities due to trophoblastic dysplasia, placental villi degeneration, or placental attachment position is too low, can cause fetal placental circulation disorders, leading to abortion.

maternal factors

1. Acute infectious diseases, which may cause fetal death due to the invasion of pathogens or toxins through the placenta, or abortion caused by uterine contraction caused by high fever and poisoning;

2. Severe anemia or heart failure, resulting in fetal death due to hypoxia;

3. Endocrine disorders, such as luteal insufficiency, cause dysgenesis of decidua and affect the development of pregnant eggs;

4. Uterine dysplasia, uterine fibroids or malformations may also hinder embryonic development;

5. Sometimes the cervix internal orifice is loose, unable to bear the increased fetal sac pressure, resulting in late abortion;

6. Strong mental stimulation, trauma or sexual intercourse can also cause abortion, but it is often induced by embryo defects.

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