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Do oysters have pearls? Principle of forming pearls in oysters

Oyster (also known as oyster) is a very popular seafood dish with high nutritional value. Oysters belong to shellfish. Do oysters also have pearls?

Do oysters have pearls

There may be. Shellfish may have pearls, so be careful when eating oysters. Maybe you will eat the pearls. Not everyone can buy oysters and eat pearls.

The principle of oyster forming Pearl

Oysters and other shellfish occasionally fall in by foreign matters such as sand, parasites and other foreign bodies. The mantle is stimulated and secretes pearly substance. The falling foreign bodies are wrapped layer by layer to make them smooth, and gradually form a pearl sac - a bright and moist outer layer. The beads are calcified from the wound.

Pearls are the result of a biological process in which oysters protect themselves from foreign substances.

What raw pearls do oysters eat

Sand, of course. Pearl is the stone of an oyster. Shellfish stimulated by foreign substances will secrete a substance to wrap it up and gradually become pearls. Because of this, we found the principle that oysters grow pearls, so we started the artificial pearl industry. Put a grain of sand or a piece of Mother Pearl into the shell, and then put the oyster back into the water. After three years, the shell will be peeled, and there will be formed pearls in it.

The principle of pearl culture: the round pearl is implanted into the mussel with the technology of inserting nucleus to form the Pearl. It is generally believed that the mantle epidermal cells of mussels and other shellfish rapidly divide and proliferate under certain stimulation, and gradually surround the stimulus source to form a complete pearl sac, and take the stimulation source as the center, gradually secrete nacre layer by layer, thus forming pearl. Therefore, the pearls formed are spherical or non spherical, and the key is whether the pearls can be evenly accumulated around the stimulus source.  

The reason of nucleation or non nucleation of natural pearls

Pearls are divided into nucleated and nucleated. How are they formed

1. One is that foreign bodies, such as sand, insects or insect hair, occasionally intrude into the shell and sink into the connective tissue of mussel together with some mantle epidermal cells. The epidermal cell tissue splits and proliferates into pearl sac, encircles the foreign body, secretes nacre, and finally forms pearl. The pearls thus formed are nucleated.  

2. Another is that a part of the mantle epidermis cell tissue breaks away from its original position and enters into the connective tissue due to pathological changes or injuries, and then splits and proliferates to form pearl sac and form pearl. The Pearl thus formed is seedless.

Oysters are the main source of natural pearls

Most jewelry is made of precious metals and precious stones buried in the ground, but pearls are found in a living creature, oysters. Oysters are not the only mollusks that produce pearls. Clams and freshwater mussels can also produce pearls, but that rarely happens. Most pearls are produced by oysters in freshwater and saltwater environments.

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