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What kind of skirt do you wear? These pieces give you bird legs

Do you feel inferior when your legs are thick? Don't know leg thick wear what show thin? When it's hot, don't you abandon your beautiful little skirt? After reading this article, a few skirts like these will give you the bird legs you dream of.

What kind of skirt looks thin with thick legs

A-line skirt

Why do I say legs are thick for A-line skirt? Because the opening of A-line skirt is open, it will not give people a tight visual effect. The visual effect of tightening will make people pay more attention to the legs, whether it is not to see how thick it is a kind of feeling.

(Lotus stripe Top + A-line skirt + thick bottom high heel)

Hollow fabric

There's an old saying that you hold the Pipa and half cover the face. The hollowed out fabric plays such a role. Choose a skirt with enough length, match with the hollowed out fabric, so that the muscles of the legs are slightly eaten in the Silk Mask.

(white printed T-shirt + black lace skirt + sneakers)

Nine point skirt

Like the Capri pants, the Capri skirt also has the effect of slimming legs. What's important is that you can't see the rough, you can only see the fine. If you want to have a bird's leg, it's very important to learn to cheat people in the sight.

(white striped shirt + striped skirt + sneakers)

Vertical stripe

Vertical stripe pattern has a good visual guidance effect, but this kind of visual guidance is not suitable for wearing too close to the body. We don't want to see the striped skirt and trousers in your clothes be stretched out from the side-by-side line, do you? A comfortable skirt with loose fabric will be a great help to you.

(white T-shirt + high waist striped skirt + sports shoes)

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