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What kind of trousers do you wear? These are really effective

Leg thick can you wear suspenders? The answer, of course, is yes. These suspenders look thin and effective. My mother doesn't have to worry about me being ridiculed for my thick legs! You're still thinking about what kind of breeches are you going to wear? Learn quickly.

What kind of breeches do you wear


Here we omit to praise the various advantages of the balabalabala Capris, mainly because exposing the ankle can make the leg look more slender. No matter what the piece is, as long as it is nine points, it can achieve this effect.

(pointed hat + lotus sleeve top + denim perforated trousers + sports shoes)

Straight back pants

Why is the straight tube so good? Wear out to look like the whole body is treasure, dark straight pants effect is more. No matter you are thigh thick or crus thick all solve, the theory is full of functionality and don't pick people, that's it!

(lotus leaf sleeve top + Black Belt trousers + white board shoes)

Wide leg strap pants

Do wide leg pants look thin? In fact, it's OK, but the thick legs and wide leg pants completely cover up their shortcomings. It's said that if you want to build long legs, nine point wide leg pants and short boots are more suitable. A little bit of leg skin is exposed, and the effect is beyond your imagination.

(Beret + shirt + Black wide leg trousers + low top boots)

High waistband trousers

For all the small thick legs, a high waist is the best way to save them. It is also a good solution to create a good proportion so that the muscles of the legs do not look so concentrated. There is also a small knitting to remind everyone to have a proper high waist and wear it under the chest, which may not have any good effect.

(black lining + white shirt + high waist denim trousers + boots)

Radish trousers

Many small thick legs will say, my legs are thick, you still let me wear radish pants, this is not pit me? Well, it's clearly your wrong dress, OK? A high waist belt radish pants slightly pull up the trouser legs, that kind of casual or a little sloppy fashion sense, let you in the crowd especially eye-catching.

(white sweater + belt radish pants + sports shoes)

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