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How to use nail free seal and how to maintain nail

Manicure is a common method of manicure, which many women have done, so how to use the nail free seal? How to maintain nails?

How to use nail wash free seal

1. Trim your nails - Peel - Polish.

2. Remove dust and check whether nails are clean.

3. Prepare the necessary supplies for phototherapy, such as: phototherapy lamp, phototherapy pen, pen washing water, small cup, quick drying water, etc.

4. Apply the primer, be careful not to apply it to the skin and fingers. In case you accidentally apply it, please use an orange stick to roll cotton and gently wipe it clean.

5. Bake in the light for 1 minute.

6. On the finger support, coated with long glue, put into the light therapy lamp bake 1-2 minutes.

7. Use color powder sequins with transparent phototherapy glue to make your favorite shape, apply color glue, and bake in phototherapy lamp for 1-2 minutes.

8. Use quick drying water to wipe off the part that has not been dried, grind it smooth and remove dust.

9. Cover with glue, bake with light therapy lamp for 2-3 minutes, finish.

How does fingernail maintain

First, short nails are best not to be painted with dark nail polish. Women with short fingernails are better off giving up the idea of applying dark nail polish. Dark color has a contraction effect on the vision, it will only make the original short nails shorter, a little bit as big as red bean nails will only make the fingers appear thick and short.

Two. Apply nail polish before applying nail polish. The paint in nail polish is the arch criminal of nail damage and nail breaking. So before you paint your beloved nail polish, you must not neglect to apply nail polish. It can protect the nail surface from being directly damaged by the pigment. If you like to change the color of your nails every day, you can't ignore the link of primer.

3、 If you don't apply facial oil, the manicure will be vulnerable. The surface cannot withstand a single blow on the surface and the patterns and patterns on the nail surface. If you don't want to make the masterpiece that is hard to draw is scratched or damaged, nail polish is the protective coat for nail polish.

4、 Don't look down on manicurists. It can trim the shape of your nails and make them smooth, and lay a good foundation before applying beautiful nail polish.

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