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Spring knitted cardigan with picture knitwear is the best way to wear it

Today, I bring you a picture of spring knitted cardigan. If you don't know how to match it, please take the time to learn it with me.

Picture of spring knitted cardigan

Milan Fashion Week autumn / winter 2018: & nbsp; Gucci

For knitted cardigan, many people can think of its retro stereotype, either thick needle or rhombic pattern, which is a piece of clothing cabinet pressing box bottom. But it is this kind of bottom goods that are still fashionable in these two seasons.

&New York Fashion Week: Tommy Hilfiger

For example, Gucci's "Thriller" operating room version of autumn / winter 2018 series, or Tommy Hilfiger with sporty dressing style, or Burberry February 2018 series with rainbow color, all have different styles of knitted cardigans.

London Fashion Week autumn / winter 2018: Burberry February 2018 men's and women's fashion show

London Fashion Week autumn / winter 2018: ports 1961 women's show

Ports 1961 also has knitted cardigans, which are the most basic thin cardigans, with a deep and light gradient to transition. Bling bling, which girls love, is also used in knitting. Christopher Kane makes Lengdu female image more energetic.

London Fashion Week autumn / winter 2018: Women's Christopher Kane show

Milan Fashion Week autumn / winter 2018: Dolce & Gabbana women's show

In addition to the whole knitted cardigan, Dolce & amp; Gabbana, who has always been a foreign country, has also come with a fabric mix and match to make the "miserable" knitted cardigan incomparable. Whether you want to learn the fashion or the basic style of knitwear!

This is how you wear a cardigan

He Sui: wearing Chloe knitted cardigan

Knitted cardigan + T-shirt jeans: low error rate and high fashion

If you don't accept refutation, this is definitely a versatile formula for any figure, especially for those with small thick legs and big buttocks. As long as it is not a short knitted cardigan, the lower body can be completely covered.

Street shot of Naza Airport: wearing Alexander Wang's black cardigan

What's more, this collocation method is the easiest to control. Whether it's a basic black-and-white cardigan, or a fancy print style, plus T-shirt and jeans, it can be simple and fashionable at the same time. It's an easy chic entry method for the Spring Festival.

Photo by Tang Yixin in Beijing Airport Street: wearing a thom Browne over knee knitted cardigan

Knitted cardigans with piping are also the most popular styles in recent seasons. Gucci and Thom Browne, wearing by Tang Yixin, love such cardigans. They are more mature than pure colors and are suitable for girls with imperial sister style.

Jingtian airport Street photo: wearing the Dior early spring holiday series Flower knitted cardigan

Although the whole body of Da Tian Tian looks very complicated, it's good that there are only three colors and the simplicity of the single product, which will not give people an image of too much force.

Ni Ni airport Street photo: wearing o project cardigan

The look of the beibai cardigan + black T-shirt + jeans of the airport Qingliu Ni Ni and Zhao Liying, who are full of girlish feeling, seem to be identical, but their styles are quite different, which depends on the style and accessories of knitted cardigans. Fisherman's hat has always given people a very leisurely texture, and the design of the plush pocket makes Yingbao's suit difficult for any girl.

Knitted cardigan + small sling: it's what the skinny girls wear

If you are a thin little sister, that cardigan + T-shirt is too basic, with the suspender shirt is a good way to show the mountain not dew! Compared with wearing suspenders alone, it is less exposed and more vaguely sexy.

For example, girl has to try this kind of casual wear with half shoulder. In terms of the choice of sling, the thinner the shoulder strap is, the more fashionable it is!

If you want to highlight the femininity, you can match it with a suspender skirt, whether it's ankle length skirt or A-line mini skirt. It's right to put on a cardigan. It's also windproof in spring.

There is another way for fashionable people to wear: not to dress well

In the fashion circle, not dressing well has always been a major victory weapon for trendy guys. It's particularly good to tie a knitted cardigan on your shoulder as a accessory or to hang it down at will.

Fashion blogger Camille charliere & nbsp; is a standard chic way to wear. Striped cardigans are especially suitable for poorly dressed collections, even if they are tied around the waist like Emma, they are not rustic at all.

Choose these for knitted cardigans

Street shot of Qiaoxin Airport: wearing Gucci knitted cardigan

Long knitted cardigan with full open air

It is not unreasonable that the longer the coat is, the better the aura is. Qiao Xin, who has always been young and charming, always wears Gucci's long cardigan with T-shirt and sports pants. Wang Luodan, a literary and artistic fan, prefers Chloe's mature style, and demonstrates two different ways to wear cardigan.

Wang Luodan airport Street photo: wearing Chloe knitted and stitched blue tunic coat

Wang Luodan airport Street photo: wearing Chloe knitted cardigan

Extra long cardigans are usually more colorful with a little printing. For example, the Rainbow Striped cardigan worn by Chen Yanxi or the star pattern of YOYO Cao are very suitable for the girl oriented mushroom cooling.

Adding some tassels on a knitted cardigan is also a common routine. It looks a bit bohemian, but in fact, it's much better than Bohemian prints. You can also try it.

Item recommendation

Zara knitted cardigan: 359rmb

Zara knitted cardigan: 399rmb

Forever 21 knitted cardigan: 249rmb

Ju Jingyi: wearing Gucci knitted cardigan

RETRO art girl suitable for thick needle knitted cardigan

This knitted cardigan is definitely a thick needle cardigan that everyone will have when they are studying. It is full of youthful flavor and shows tenderness in how to wear it. Therefore, compared with the sexy suspender shirt, it is more suitable for the daily style of T-shirt and denim, so it will be young to the end.

Street photo of mashchun airport in Burberry T-shirt

Song Yi: wearing Gucci knitted cardigan

Yuan Shanshan: wearing a Loewe striped cardigan

Jinchen airport Street photo: wearing black knitting cardigan of acne Studios

Item recommendation:

Forever 21 knitted cardigan: 169RMB

Elizabeth and James cardigan $608

Adeam knit cardigan: 1089 US dollars

Thin cardigan with 100% coverage

Some people say thin clothes are the fattest? No, you may have misunderstood the thin cardigan here. Thin cardigan, choose a little bat sleeve design, it can let you hide butterfly sleeve, and V-neck is always easier to wear than round collar, easy to see small face.

Item recommendation:

Zara knitted cardigan: 199rmb

Zara knitted cardigan: 179rmb

Gucci knit cardigan: 1170 US dollars

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