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Spring blouse the most complete strategy of spring shirt collocation in 2018

Today, I'm bringing you a picture of spring 2018 blouses. If you're interested, please take the time to learn how to match it with me.

Spring blouse 2018

Clothing matching: when it comes to the handsome clothing matching items, the first thing that bomb sister thinks of is that most people can easily control the shirt. And this piece has almost no seasonal restrictions, so it's one of my favorite accessories! Taking advantage of the bright sunshine in early spring, let's have a look at the shirt matching today!

Although it's spring, it seems that girls in many areas are still forced to feel the last cold of winter. Therefore, for shirts, I suggest that you can take the shirts as the inner layers and fold the coats.

This year's very popular shirt + sweater is one I recommend. If it's still cold, you can wear another coat outside.

In the selection of shirt style, in addition to the basic style, I suggest that you can choose some special styles, which will be more innovative.


Reference price: 349¥

A satin Pajama style V-neck Beige shirt with Black Wide Leg Pants makes the monotonous office dress instantly fashionable.

Or you can also use the most basic white shirt to fold a variety of chest wrap, with a different fashion.


Reference price: 399¥

All kinds of small suspenders and waistbands are good things to make your ordinary shirt special.

Of course, it is recommended to choose a suit for very formal occasions. White is the most basic and not easy to make mistakes.

The bomb sister in front also said about the matching of sweaters and shirts, but they are the collocation of shirts on the outside and sweaters on the inside. But in fact, the more common collocation in daily life is the sweater on the outside and the shirt on the inside.

Generally, the collar, cuff and hem are exposed.

Similarly, the vest sweater can also be matched with the shirt. The shirt with bubble sleeve is more beautiful!

So today's shirt early spring with me to Hong Kong here, you like to drop can give me a compliment Oh~

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