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Sweater and shirt in spring matching picture 2018 best watch wear and match method

Today, I bring you a picture of sweater and shirt in spring. If you are interested, please take the time to learn how to match with me.

Sweater and shirt in spring

Xiaobian carefully counted the clothes in the wardrobe in winter, the most is sweater?! It's all kinds of styles and colors. It's going to catch up with the rainbow.

Nitrogen, who didn't save a few sweaters in winter? You know, the best equipment to deal with the warm and cold weather in autumn and winter is a warm sweater

However, with the deep winter and the coming spring, warm and good-looking clothing has become a just need. Sweaters and shirts are the essential basic items in the wardrobe. If they are combined, they will have an outstanding effect of 1 + 1 & gt; 2, which will increase the layering and fashion of the model.

You should know that this kind of collocation, whether it is in or out of the workplace or in the student era, should be properly held. The most important thing is that it is the least outdated, the most age reducing, and it is very suitable for all ages.

This can not only increase the sense of hierarchy and fashion, but also make you beautiful and warm. Why don't you talk about it? If you want to be more fashionable than others, you should master it earlier

Although the sweater + shirt is easy to handle, it is not easy to wear fashionable. In addition to mastering the color matching, it also tests the clothing in style and wearing method.

This knitting has prepared the most complete sweater + shirt folding rule in history, which can help you win a lot without any effort!

Turtleneck sweater + shirt

This year's high collar sweater is so popular, it and the shirt also has a fashionable new way to wear, that is, put your shirt over the high collar sweater, and put on a coat, fashionable and warm!

For example, Korean fashion idols such as Zheng Xiuyan and Cui Xiuying have also followed the trend and played the reverse way.

The close fitting high collar shirt is used as the base, and then the shirt is unfastened for a few buttons, and then it is put on the outside, which can fold out the fashionable style of retro chic.

A plaid shirt and a white turtleneck sweater can enrich the layers of clothes even if only a little high collar is exposed. This is a great routine in cold weather!

Wearing a blue shirt over a red turtleneck sweater with jeans and a black windbreaker, the small red collar just lights up the body.

High collar sweater + wide leg pants + overcoat + small white shoes, now with a shirt skirt, don't you think it's fashionable to double it?

V-Neck Sweater with Lapel shirt and small trousers, British style.

In addition to the lapel shirt, your V-Neck Sweater, with a stand collar or Crew Neck Shirt, are OK!

Take off two buttons on the shirt to match the V-Neck Sweater, and then match it with a necklace, which is casual and good-looking.

Sweater + white shirt

A white shirt with one hand can not only show the good taste of fashion, but also be a good choice to wear in autumn and winter.

Pink medium sleeve small round neck sweater, with clean white shirt, fresh and fashionable, let the eye shine.

Grey sweater with simple shirt, looks like a strong academic style, full of young and capable.

With black legged pants, you can not only look thin, but also wear intelligent and capable style, which is the same as daily commuting.

If it's a black fur dress with a white shirt, you can upgrade your look perfectly.

If you think that the combination of basic color sweater and white shirt is too plain and low-key, you can make the finishing point of accessories, such as adding a silk scarf to make Choker, you can upgrade your modeling perfectly.

Sweater + denim shirt

Denim shirt is more casual than white shirt, with pants, reducing age effect, but also handsome.

White sweater and denim shirt are overlapped to create a cool and chic blue and white match, which makes the whole body look more eye-catching.

The oversized high neck sweater + simple bottom not only makes the sweater more eye-catching, but also shows leg length.

Because the denim shirt itself is blue, it is recommended that the sweater with plain color is the best, so the sense of hierarchy is better.

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