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The latest fashion elements in 2018 these clothing elements are popular this year

Today, what I bring you is the fashion elements of 2018 clothing. If you don't know, please hurry up and have a look with me.

The latest fashion elements in 2018

Fashion is changing faster than the weather. It's not easy to grasp the fashion elements and let you shine at any time. Take a look at these changes.

White shirt as a seasonal artifact for temperature control

White shirt and other pieces do match, will not increase the extra heavy feeling, how much can reasonably increase some temperature, but also can increase the ability of overlapping. With a white shirt can also reasonably control the temperature, with a bright color to warm up the spring.

Before the Loewe show of Paris fashion week, Yuan Quan was definitely the most warm and beautiful actress in fashion week. In the colorful fashion week, Yuan Quan used a whole body dark look, but his innermost layer wore a white shirt, which was exposed in a small area, becoming the only highlight of his body.

Xiao AI's look is a warm and fashionable transition model of a standard white shirt

Karlie Kloss

Jiang Shuying and Qi Wei

Zhang Li

Show collar + cuff + hem

Knitted Vest + shirt

The upsurge of reviving the ancients is higher and higher

Retro color ash khaki, sky blue, memory blue, tomato red become the main color force of retro craze. No matter it is solid color collocation or as matching color, all show extraordinary practical wear and fashion flu, many big brands also take these four colors as inspiration source, bring tasteful and personalized clothing!

Ash khaki. As one of the common colors in college style, it has a strong sense of retro style. On the four major fashions of 18 / 19aw, ash Khaki also frequently appears in major brands.

Mother of Pearl

Mila Schon


Max Mara

Sky blue, also can not be ignored in autumn and winter, bright color, but full of memories of the tone, positive sunshine and full of retro feelings. 18 / 19aw is rarely used as a monochrome on the show, but it is very common to use it as a matching color on the grid.


Alena Akhmadullina

Concept Korea

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