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How about the comparison of Russian Hand Cream

If the Russian hand cream is genuine or fake, you should pay attention to the brand name. If it is not "PYK", coconut pattern contrast, false blur, text on the back of the tube body, color and clarity should be paid attention to, and the overall color of the fake should be paid attention to

1. Pay attention to the brand name, fake is not "PYK"

As shown in the picture above, the blue brand name is of course "PYK" and fake - "kpem"! What the hell, this is obviously a Shanzhai! I want to buy PYK hand cream, what do you give me this? The coffee letters of "kokocobin" under the brand name are not too different in style, but the color difference is obvious, and the fake whole is dull.

2. Coconut pattern contrast, false fuzzy

Look at the above design of real and fake coconuts. First, the color difference is obvious, and the whole of the real is darker. The false cyan and brown of the coconut are lighter. The second is the veins of the coconut. Those details and lines are not the same, so the fake looks fuzzy. Let's have another group on the front of the pipe to deepen our impression:

Brand name, text color, content and coconut design clarity are significantly different.

3. Pay attention to the chroma and clarity of the text on the back of the pipe body

The above is the overall contrast of the back of the tube body. The small explanatory text is a little lighter and fuzzy. I took a group of close-up shots. Look at the contrast:

4. The coconut pattern, brand name and the word "kokocobin" on the back are still significantly different

The differences between the three details are the same as those on the front. There is no need to repeat them. The differences in the above pictures are intuitive and obvious.

5. Comparison of genuine and fake PYK Hand Cream

On the smell, pay attention to the fake almost no coconut flavor, the genuine product must have a faint pleasant smell of coconut fragrance. In terms of texture, the real Russian PYK hand cream is more moist, and it can obviously feel the texture is very good. Compared with the fake, it is greasy. It feels greasy after smearing on the hand for a long time.

Russian hand cream can effectively repair hand injuries and fade fine lines. Moisten and repair double effect, provide you with comprehensive care. And the texture of the product is refreshing and moist, which can keep you moist for a long time. And it's smooth and not greasy. The two most popular products of Russian hand cream are coconut milk flavor and peach flavor hand cream. The two products are made of natural plant formula, rich in vegetable glycerin and fatty acids, which help skin aging, protect skin from tender and moist, and effectively prevent rough and dry hands.

1. Russian moisturizing and moisturizing hand care cream

This product is divided into coconut hand cream, grapefruit hand cream and peach hand cream. It is suitable for dry fine lines and cracks of hand skin, and also suitable for plantar skin problems. The fresh fruit fragrance makes you refreshing and natural, effectively moisturizes and protects your hands from secondary injury. The price of this product is 11.6 yuan.

2. German herb classic Hand Cream

The natural formula imported from Germany contains rich plant glycerin water locking factor and German Chamomile plant essence. It can not only replenish water, but also help to reduce the depth of muscle bottom, keep hands moist and tender, and bring you all-weather nourishment and protection. The price of this product is 49 yuan.

The above content introduction about the comparison of Russian hand cream and other related contents can be used as reference and suggestions. You can choose hand cream according to your own needs. For the above problems, we will introduce it here, hoping to help you identify the methods of Russian hand cream.

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