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How to calculate body mass index (body mass index standard formula)

BMI index (body mass index, also known as body weight) is the number obtained by dividing the number of kilogram of body weight by the square of the number of meters of body height. It is a commonly used international standard to measure the degree of obesity and health of human body. So what's the BMI? What is the standard range of body mass index?
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Why is weight heavier in winter? How much weight is normal in winter than in summer

Winter is a fattening season. After winter, you will find that you have a lot of fat on your body. So, why is weight heavier in winter?
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How much heavier is winter than summer

We all have this kind of experience, in the winter, we will get fatter and heavier. So, how much weight is normal in winter than in summer?
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The harm of too light weight pursuing too low weight is just "morbid beauty"

The pursuit of slim and thin for beauty is today's advocated aesthetic concept. It seems that both the fat and the thin are clamoring for weight loss all the year round. There are even various horror weight loss methods on the Internet, such as fasting and vomiting, which also create a variety of exotic detection standards, such as A4 waist, placing coins in the clavicle, touching the navel with the backhand, etc., and from time to time, the trend of "thinner" is set off. However, do you know that from a health point of view, being thin can avoid some diseases caused by obesity, but in the pursuit of thin, you may go further and further. So what are the dangers of being underweight? Come and have a look.
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Standard weight calculation formula with different algorithms

One of the important indicators of a person's health is to measure his or her weight. Weight should be reasonable, too fat and too thin are not conducive to health, and will not give people a sense of fitness. Many people mistakenly think that the standard weight is: height (CM) - 110 or 105 = standard weight (kg). In fact, this is a pseudoscience. So, how to calculate the specific standard weight?
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Is your child's weight reasonable

Some parents would rather save themselves and try their best to make their children eat well and eat more, and mistakenly think that what children grow fat is healthy. In fact, obesity is not good for children. So, how is a child obese? Children's obesity and weight, height, age are related, can not simply look at the appearance to judge, together understand the standard of child obesity, to calculate your child's weight standard?
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Can beer belly extract fat? Male beer belly must avoid random liposuction

In the past 40 years, liposuction has developed rapidly and become popular. It has changed the disadvantages of traditional exercise, dieting and losing weight for a long time, and the effect of weight loss is not obvious. So, can beer belly extract fat?
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Can high temperature yoga lose weight? The effect of high temperature Yoga is greater than that of ordinary yoga

Hot yoga, also known as high-temperature yoga or thermal yoga, refers to yoga done in a high-temperature environment of 38 ℃ - 40 ℃. It is composed of specific 26 stretching movements. It belongs to flexibility exercise, which can improve the flexibility of spine, especially suitable for office workers. So, can hot yoga lose weight? Is weight loss good?
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Do you get fat when you eat folic acid? The reason for getting fat during pregnancy and pregnancy is not folic acid

Many pregnant women who are in or are pregnant report that they are obviously out of shape after taking folic acid. Is it really because of folic acid? Does folic acid get fat? Let's find out.
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Precautions before liposuction these problems need to be clarified before liposuction

Liposuction surgery because of its accurate quick acting, really achieved "want to thin which thin which" for many thin mm choose. But do liposuction before these precautions must be clear, otherwise it is very dangerous. Before liposuction, the doctor must be clear about his own situation and himself.
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