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Bitter gourd diet in spring and summer

Many people do not like to eat bitter gourd, mainly bitter gourd taste, can not swallow, in fact, balsam pear is the best weight loss products, contains bitter gourd element (RPA), known as "fat killer". Want to lose weight you must eat Oh, the following will teach you spring and summer balsam pear diet bitter gourd brewing fresh oyster practice!
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Can pregnant women eat oysters? It is appropriate to eat oysters to supplement zinc and calcium

Oysters are a must when eating seafood, especially the kind of carbon roasted oysters. It looks delicious. But can pregnant women eat raw oysters? I believe many pregnant mothers who like to eat raw oysters want to know more about it. Let's follow Xiaobian to learn more about it~
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Xie Xian reveals secrets of giving birth to boys and girls

"Twelve flavors" is the most popular food show recently. In the program, Xie Xian, the father of Xie Tingfeng, revealed his secret of giving birth to boys and girls, saying that eating more oysters can give birth to boys, which shocked the audience. Friends who want to have a boy should learn quickly!
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Can scallops be eaten raw? It's safe to eat seafood when it's cooked

Scallop is a seafood food that many people like to eat. In order to ensure the delicious seafood, many people think it is better to eat raw. However, can scallops be eaten raw?
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What's the difference between scallop and oyster

Oysters and scallops may look similar at first glance, so some people may not be able to distinguish. So, what is the difference between scallops and oysters? How to identify?
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How to open oyster

How to open oysters? Oyster (oyster) is a kind of delicious seafood, but the shell of oyster is very difficult to open and very sharp. Is there any clever way to open the shell?
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How to eat raw oysters? How to eat raw oysters is the best

Do you eat oysters to boost your Yang? Oyster, also known as oyster, has always been considered to have the effect of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the body.
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Do oysters have pearls? Principle of forming pearls in oysters

Oyster (also known as oyster) is a very popular seafood dish with high nutritional value. Oysters belong to shellfish. Do oysters also have pearls?
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What's the green in the oyster? Is it excrement in the oyster belly

What's the green in oysters? Many people are very curious about why eating oysters is a whole eat. After biting open, you can see a green (green with black) ball. It can't be oyster poop, or viscera?. Why not remove it? Can this kind of food be eaten?
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Can oysters be eaten raw? Not every kind of oyster is suitable for eating raw

Can oysters be eaten raw? Maybe many people think that raw oysters are more delicious and nutritious. So, how about raw oysters?
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