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Fashion and handsome Street photo of Qianxi-(76)

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Daily small fresh light makeup tutorial secretly make up date peach blossom makeup
A daily light make-up is spring, whether it is dating or going to work is indispensable, not only because of the simple steps, more suitable for a variety of occasions to attend, the following small make-up for everyone to share the daily small fresh light makeup makeup tutorial, let MM people easily make up date peach blossom makeup.
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2014 aunt color lip makeup fashion eye-catching Korean soft charming light makeup tutorial
After cat eye makeup, bite lip makeup, what is popular recently? Aunt color lip makeup was born, a little mature, a little rebellious, but the atmosphere is completely different. The following teaching you Korean charming light makeup tutorial, the integration of aunt color lip makeup more distinctive.
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Korean oxygen peach blossom makeup tutorial make up natural sweet Charm
Korean oxygen peach blossom make-up in spring is both a peach blossom and a very fresh and natural make-up. It is also very simple in the whole process. The following is a small series to share with you the Korean nourishing peach blossom makeup tutorial, so that MM people can easily make up a natural sweet charm.
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Introduction to the usage of makeup brush set
Want to make-up beginners, first of all, to understand that make-up products, make-up brush set makeup is the basic step to draw a beautiful look, for you to introduce the use of makeup brush set.
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Professor Quan Zhixian, natural, fresh and light makeup, easy to capture Du
"You from the stars" the heroine Quan Zhixian overcomes countless heavy make-up with light make-up. Does it make you very envious? Here is to share with you Quan Zhixian star natural fresh light makeup tutorial, you can easily capture Professor Du!
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How to make up a perfect foundation
Every time I see a model on a pictorial or a party member on TV can easily have a clear and natural base make-up. Am I very envious? If you want to have this kind of make-up, learn the steps of the perfect foundation!
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Romantic two color bridal eye makeup to be your snow white
A perfect make-up in your life must be presented at the wedding. The following makeup experts will teach you how to draw eye makeup and show romantic two-color bridal makeup. Follow our makeup steps to have a look!
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Thai version of "full of romance" unveils fresh style
Thai version of "romantic house" blowing a fresh wind, the actor and heroine eye care level is absolutely no less than the original Oh. Li Haina in the play is very charming. Let's take a look at the secret of Li Haina's plain makeup!
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Early spring purple and blue eye makeup tutorial dating beauty tips
In many eye make-up tutorial, most common is the feeling of light tone, and ignore the color contrast style, in fact, in early spring, the color contrast style is also a beautiful make-up. The following small make-up for you to share early spring purple and blue eye makeup tutorial, easy to call mm learn to date dress up carefully machine tips
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South Korea's most HOT color Eyeliner makeup + lip makeup
South Korea's makeup technology is considered to be a two of Asia. It has been the love of many women because of the super high ratings of TV and TV. It has been shown by many women in Korea. It is the most HOT color eye liner makeup and lip makeup for you.
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