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Black and white photo of Qianxi-(50)

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How to remove dark circles under your eyes
How does black eye socket very heavy do? Xiaobian shares 8 tips to help you quickly remove dark circles and give you a pair of bright eyes. Don't worry about panda eyes any more.
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New wearing method of Pearl Necklace
Many girls think that the pearl necklace is a noble lady style, not in line with the temperament of fashion. In fact, you can do it yourself. You can share the new wearing method of pearl necklace, string red string by hand to create a national style, so as to change the overall temperament. Let's have a look!
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Zheng sisters' elevator pictorial
The beauty and good figure of Zheng's sisters are recognized by all. In addition, their taste collocation is more favored by young people. A few days ago, two people who met rarely appeared in the elevator pictorial. Seeing Xiujing Xiuyan's bags and bags was also intoxicating. It was hard to tell whether they were taking the elevator or seeing the Zheng sisters.
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Korean fashion long necklaces are more beautiful with sweaters in autumn
Necklaces as accessories, there are various styles in matching clothes. Today, the talent is going to talk about matching sweaters. I believe that autumn is coming, the girls all put on sweaters, but the sweater is a little monotonous, you might as well match the necklace more beautiful, let's have a look!
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LV Louis Vuitton Petite mall necklaces are exquisite and small, and everyone loves them
The suitcase is the classic and eternal work of Louis Vuitton, a French luxury brand. To pay homage to the classic, Nicolas ghesquiere, the creative director of LV, launched the petite mall series Necklace inspired by Petite mall bags.
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Fashion jewelry lady Necklace don't leave neck empty in autumn
This season girls want to attract people's attention, or play some means is not good, you still let your neck fight alone? Choose a necklace to show off! Today, Xiao Qi collected some pictures of beauties embellishing the whole with necklaces. Let's enjoy them first!
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Saint Laurent Lulu Bunny Sequin bag
The Saint Laurent Lulu Bunny Sequin bag, made of processed sequined calfskin and equipped with a detachable shoulder strap, is sparkling, luxurious and eye-catching! Button opening and closing and body color contrast, the same glittering, for the overall injection of a unique feeling.
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On the importance of accessories fashion necklace sweater collocation demonstration
In autumn, girls all wear knitted sweaters, but whether a beautiful knitted sweater is too simple to wear alone, you might as well match a fashionable necklace to embellish the overall style. On the importance of accessories collocation, you will see different beauty.
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Women's bags with world famous brands are fashionable to use as shopping bags
As senior talents, they always don't like to catch up with the trend, because they are the direction of the trend. Even carrying a famous brand bag as a shopping bag is also a fashion. Showing the height of material life without leaving any trace is simply an example for connotative people to learn from.
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2014 women's fashion bag with the latest trend to learn
Big bag is convenient and fashionable. There is no reason why girls don't love it. Today, Xiao Qi shares the fashionable big bag collocation from the expert. It gives you the freshest matching experience. If you don't see that you can't keep up with the times, come quickly to increase your own popularity index!
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