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Black and white photo of Qianxi-(20)

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After finishing the mask, do you wash your face immediately?
The function of facial mask is to separate air from nutrition into the skin. But in fact, 15 to 20 minutes after the mask is applied to the face, the skin is saturated. If you don't wash the nutrient solution off your face
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What is the Platycodon skirt? The girls who wear it are all beautiful and thin, just like their first love
Some girls don't know what Platycodon grandiflorum skirt is, in fact, A-line dress with high waist design. Platycodon grandiflorum skirt not only shows height, but also has a strong tolerance to the body. It is really tall and thin
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What kind of trousers do you wear with a hooded sweater
Black is a versatile color. You can wear it no matter what color you wear it with. The sweater is a sharp weapon in the clothing industry. It's very nice to wear any pair of trousers, such as jeans, black straight pants
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Women's shoes in 2021 spring and summer are too fashionable
2021 spring and summer style will be closely combined with the action of consumers, on the one hand, considering the practicality and comfort, on the other hand, considering the legacy of the epidemic in 2020 spring and summer
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Long white shirt with pictures, it's thin and beautiful
Every spring and summer, the combination of wide leg pants and shirt must be at the top of the list, which can be simple and elegant, but also handsome, sweet and romantic
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How to draw eyebrows quickly and well for beginners
Learning to make up is a process that you can't get to know. Even if you can't make up, you still have to have some techniques to make up eyebrows. How to draw eyebrows nice and symmetrical, I believe it is a lot of novice
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Picture of hair curling with wool
Have you noticed that wool rolls are really popular in recent years. From female love beans to female stars, which has not left the retro vitality of the wool roll. Hold up half the sky even if the face value, but also very hair
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Suit coat with skirt is the most valuable match in spring and summer
Casual or retro jacket with a variety of skirts, show cool and cool fashion charm, free and easy suit jacket with elegant and romantic skirt, super fashionable and good-looking
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What color to wear in spring
Through the long and cold winter, the feeling of spring is full of vigor and vitality, so in such a beautiful season, what color of clothes women should wear is the best. khaki...
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Good looking short hair girl, too suitable for lazy people
Hairstyle plays a very important role in a person's appearance and temperament. In many cases, changing hairstyle has the magical effect of "changing head". So if you're right about yourself at this stage
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