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Beautiful life of Taiwan beauty Yang Yizhen-(84)

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How to remove dark circles under your eyes
How does black eye socket very heavy do? Xiaobian shares 8 tips to help you quickly remove dark circles and give you a pair of bright eyes. Don't worry about panda eyes any more.
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Three days effective classic men's Acne Cleanser
Men because of hormone, sebum secretion is more exuberant than women, oily skin easily lead to large pores, frequent acne. It can be said that the problem of acne directly affects the image of men. In order to save many modern men's face problem, here for everyone to bring several recognized acne effect transcendent professional men's acne cleanser.
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How to quickly eliminate panda's eyes
Black eye circles have always been a problem for many beauty loving girls. The whole person gives people a feeling of listlessness, which also affects their beauty. Today, let's learn how to use daily food to beat back dark circles quickly with beautiful beauty teacher P.
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be vigilant! Seven summer common facial skin problems may affect your luck
When we look at a person, the first sight is to see a person's face, so the smooth and delicate face and good color are very important, so as to give people a good first impression. Today, Qili net small make up for you single mm summed up 7 may affect your peach blossom luck face common skin problems.
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How to do with acne on your face
Summer long blain is a big trouble, face face face trouble, how to make up to save acne face? Today, Mr. P will share with you the beauty care plan for acne muscles in summer, so that the acne can be "completely invisible" and create a natural and clean flawless makeup effect!
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Tips for summer beauty and skin care
Beer not only has detoxification effect, but also has a good function of shrinking pores. Research shows that beer contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is good for improving muscle function, improving nervous system, and has a good nourishing effect on the skin. Today, let's take a look at how to use beer to achieve beauty effect in daily life.
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How to use blackhead nose patch to share the right way to blackhead
Many people will be troubled by blackhead. Blackhead has become the most common skin problem. There are many blackhead removing products on the market. The blackhead nose patch is the most common blackhead removing product. However, many people have improper methods when using nose patch. Today, let's learn how to correctly use the blackhead nose patch with Qili Xiaobian.
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Seven methods to teach you how to replenish lung whitening skin care
The theory of "reducing toxin" is always effective in the treatment of lung qi. If the lung qi is full, the Qi, blood and body fluid will be sufficient and unobstructed. If the skin and hair are fed with the essence of the lung, the skin will be moist, the hair will be black and bright, and the human body will have a strong ability to resist pathogens. Therefore, if the lung is not good, no matter how much money you spend on cosmetics, it will not be white.
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How to do deep cleansing pore mask to share 5 matters needing attention
Cleansing Mask belongs to the mask from inside to outside. The main function of this kind of facial mask is to pull the dirty things out of the skin. Through the mask, it can remove the aged keratin and enhance the ability of the cuticle regeneration. Seven Li Xiaobian brings you 5 things to do to clean the mask. Let's take a look.
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Summer beauty and skin care share 7 recipes for moisturizing, moisturizing and slimming
Summer's temperature rise, moisturizing and weight loss has become an important lesson for beautiful MM. Today, Qili Xiaobian brings you 7 kinds of good food that can not only beautify skin care but also reduce weight and weight in summer.
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