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Beauty model Dominique piek sexy bikini photo wet temptation-(28)

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Do you know what kind of skin you are
Generally, we will divide the skin into four types, namely neutral, dry, oily and mixed. Then we can take the following two methods to judge the skin type: face washing test method, pH test paper method, to identify the skin type
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Can biaoting vitamin E cream be applied to face for a long time
Biaoting vitamin E cream can be used for a long time, vitamin E cream contains vitamin E ingredients with moisturizing and antioxidant effect, use on the skin will not stimulate the skin, safety is very
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Can I wash my hair the next day after dyeing
Because many times it takes a long time to dye your hair. If you wash your hair the next day after dyeing your hair, the color may not look so good
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Which country is the brand of itty house
Edie house is a make-up brand from South Korea. It belongs to Amori Pacific Group of South Korea. Its foreign name is Etude house. It was founded in 1985. The style of its brand is
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How to make up without floating powder
First of all, moisturizing work should be done well, and then apply makeup water or apply a mask before makeup. Wet compress can improve the moisture content of the skin. Choose the base makeup product suitable for your skin type, use powder puff or
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With depilate cream depilate grow thick
Depilatory cream will not thicken after depilation. Depilatory cream is to use some chemicals contained in it to decompose the hair on the surface of the skin. It only acts on the surface of the skin and will not go deep into the hair follicles. And hair
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Farmacy how often do you use the honey mask?
Farmacy facial mask is a very friendly facial mask for the late night star. It can also be used as a first-aid facial mask. The effect of replenishing water is very good. The suggestion is to use 1 to one week.
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Is rehydration the same as moisturizing
Hydrating directly replenishes the water needed by skin cells. It not only moistens the skin surface, but also penetrates into the skin and combines with water thirsty cells. Moisturizing is to prevent the loss of moisture on the surface of the skin, and in
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Can powder replace powder?
The function of loose powder and powdered cake is used to make up makeup and create foggy makeup. Therefore, the powder can also be used as loose powder, but the powder is more than powder.
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What is beauty liquid for
Beauty liquid is a kind of high-purity and easy to absorb beauty product with certain efficacy for skin. It can remove aged cutin, and also has the efficacy of high-efficiency moisturizing, astringent oil control, freckle removing and whitening. Beauty
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